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Experienced sanitation workers are needed in a frozen food production facility in south Fayetteville.

This job has been classified by our client as Safety Sensitive according to state law guidelines and drug testing and fit-for-duty evaluation may be required as a condition of employment..


Job Duties:


· Clean all areas of the plant including, but not limited to, raw and finished production areas, plant sanitation receptacles, and employee locker room and restrooms.



Job Requirements:


· Mixing of chemicals or cleaning solutions needed to complete job.

• Clean all floors, walls, and equipment in area except equipment listed as specialty equipment.

• Reassemble equipment as directed by management.

• Follow all safety procedures when cleaning equipment and mixing chemicals and following authorized procedures in case of emergencies.

• Keep and maintain any record or statistical data as needed.

• Keep and maintain a clean and orderly workspace.

• Perform job in safe and efficient manner as directed by company




Schedule: Monday-Friday (some Saturday) 3rd shift 8:30pm- finish

Pay: $17.00/HR

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