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Quality Engineer
Fayetteville, AR

The principal responsibility of the Quality Engineer is to provide leadership and technical expertise in the support of the Quality Management Systems and Quality Policy. The methodology of support shall be defined as the application of statistical analysis, lean manufacturing practices and continuous improvement activities. The position duties will encompass the following:

Technical Support: ▪ Posses and maintains the following statistical/quality skills in order to perform the responsibilities of a Quality Engineer. Knowledge level shall be sufficient to perform skills as needed to maintain product quality and to assist other personnel in the use of these quality tools.
▪ Conducts detailed failure analysis of manufactured parts or purchased parts upon notification from the customer, external or internal. Summarize findings into major points, prepare reports and submit reports to management for review and action.
▪ Analyzes compiled inspection reports and special test data to statistically quantify data, i.e.; identify negative or positive quality trends, process capabilities. Summarize findings into major points, prepare reports and submit reports to management for review and action.
▪ Able to read and understand drawings for electrical, and mechanical. Provide assessment of drawing requirements (tolerances) in relationship to production capabilities. Resolve discrepancies between supplier capabilities and the Customers critical functional and cosmetic requirements. Management Systems:
▪ Develops criteria for, and helps implement record keeping requirements for process control and inspection data collection. Record requirements are to be designed to facilitate identification of individual product/unit issues and general process trend analysis.
▪ Conducts audits of processes in order to facilitate continuous improvement. Auditing may encompass management systems (ISO Internal Audits), manufacturing process audits and vendor audits as requested. May also assist during customer or outside audits of manufacturing facilities
▪ Interacts with Procurement, Planning, Engineering and Customer on quality issues by conducting/reporting detailed defect analysis on specific issues.
▪ Be familiar with IPC-A-610 Workmanship criteria and other related departmental job function such as component identification and electrical assembly.
▪ Generates and facilitates the CAPA (Corrective Action Preventative Action) requests for Internal, Supplier and Customers. Ensures that they have effective and efficient resolution. Manufacturing Systems
▪ Develops criteria for, and/or reviews and approves inspection programs and statistical process control (SPC) programs for; incoming inspections, in-process inspections, final inspections and Out of Box Audits. Development and review is based on inspection program meeting the requirements of quality and continuous improvement requirements; recognized statistical methodology; industry standards, and customer requirements.
▪ Develops, recommends and may conduct inspection or training programs in such areas as measurement methodology, IPC inspections, statistical sampling and test fixture operations.
▪ Coordinates the development of test controls and criteria, process controls, and acceptance standards for new, modified or existing products with Engineering and Manufacturing departments. Customer Systems
▪ Work with Program Management to identify/review customers quality requirements for assigned programs.
▪ Work with Program Management to identify / review Safety Agency requirements (UL, CSA, TUV) as well as a Regulatory requirements, (FDA, AS Aero Space, ITAR, EPA etc.). Understand and implement all Regulatory requirements.

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