Production / Lead Supervisor

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Production/Lead Supervisor
(Day & Night Shifts Available)
Fayetteville, AR 72701
• Oversee the injection production / packaging as well as the recycle / resin production on 3 shifts to ensure that processes run reliably and efficiently
• Work in conjunction with General Manager on Production schedule of materials being recycled and produced to make certain customer and facility needs are being met
• Sharing the responsibility with the Warehouse Manager of data entry of all production reports as a double-check system for accuracy then information is verified by the General Manager
• Scheduling of people effectively to ensure each shift has coverage for each production area to achieve maximum efficiency and meet production goals set by General Manager
• Work with Office Manager & General Manager to help hire, train, cross train, and promote employees to ensure we are efficiently staffed while keeping within budget
• Review daily punch in/out records accuracy and employees being absent and tardiness
• Solve Equipment and other issues as they arise and organizing and working with the Maintenance Department on the routine maintenance and repair of equipment
• Schedule inbound waste stream loads, oversee the unloading, staging, sorting and movement of material through the warehouse
•Double-check and data enter information of SMIR’s and other material movement reports and assist with cycle counting process of waste and finished materials
• Work in conjunction with the General Manager on outbound shipments of resin to ML & Discovery to ensure correct material and quantities are being shipped per requests. Supply Chain Manager to supply BOL. Finish completing BOL’s and Shipping Worksheets for shipments then turn in completed paperwork to General Manger & Supply Chain Manager
• Work with General Manager and Warehouse Manager to coordinate and ensure appropriate amount of safety stock of finished goods are on hand and schedule product mold and color changes
• Work with outside resources to help better the company’s needs of reducing material going to landfills and to receive rebates and or cost savings these outbound recyclable goods.

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