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Machine Operators- Fayetteville, AR

Multiple openings for Machine Operators and Shipping Employees at MARSHALLTOWN Department 3 in South Fayetteville.


  • This job has been classified by our client as Safety Sensitive according to state law guidelines and drug testing and fit-for-duty evaluation may be required as a condition of employment.

    Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:


  • Setting up and operating various press, metal riveting, injection molding and robotic welding machines
  • Assembling final bolts and small parts by hand
  • Packing products per customer specifications
  • Picking labels and applying to products
  • Picking orders utilizing Cherry Picker
  • Scanning and palletizing products
  • Wrapping pallets for shipment
  • Loading trucks
  • Restocking

This job has been classified by our client as Safety Sensitive according to state law guidelines and drug testing and fit-for-duty evaluation may be required as a condition of employment.


Brick Joiner:

Tiered piece of steel, grind stack, operate machine to curve and flatten product. There are typically 1-3 employees for this cell.


Mounting Cell:

Aluminum melting; applying handle to trowel, adding grid. Operator loads material in machine to create holes, robot completes process. Operator looks for quality, if out of spec operator is responsible for letting set up know. Position requires knowledge of calipers/micrometers. Employees utilize shape, thread and finish tools. This position is dirty.


Brick Forging:

Hydraulic press that applies handle. Operator adds barcode, wipes down and packs the product. Employees are typically proficient after one week of training


Edger Cell (light welding):

Operator is responsible for welding various blades. Operator slides product into machine, utilizes foot button to weld mount. Operator checks quality; applies handle and UPC barcode, wipes with oil and packs.


Putty Knife Cell:

Operator is responsible for operating four machines simultaneously (buffing compound). Process starts with a coil of steel, melts part. Machine will grind metal creating a flexible blade

(Customer states this is a very tough environment; it is the dirtiest cell they have in the plant and they require hard hats to be worn within the cell).


Cincinnati Press Brakes:

Press brakes, power trowel, assembly. Load/unload 300-400 dies. Machine cycles.


Hawk Cell:

Operator uses blank steel, adds port holes and cuts corners. Operator will set up machine to rivet metal and counter synch holes. Material runs through conveyor; Operator will apply handle and pack

Employees are typically proficient after 1-2 days of training.


Rubb Brick:

Operator puts handle in press. Adds brick, applies UPC barcode and boxes five to a pack. Employees are typically proficient after 1-2hrs of training. (Customer states this is an entry level position.  It is ideal for an employee to start in this cell).


Injection Molding:

Operator takes prefabricated part, sets in cavity mold. Operator will inject plastic into handle, mold handle to blade, trim or “screw” plastic off. Product goes to cooling chamber, employee packs product. (If the handle cools too quickly it will detach from the blade, operator will have to scrap the part and start over). This cell completes approximately 800 pieces per shift. Employees are typically proficient after 2-3 days of training.




* Ability to stand for 8-10 hours, stoop and bend
* Solid work history with minimal gaps in employment
* At least 6 months of previous manufacturing/warehouse experience
* High energy level/common sense/polite and well-mannered
* HS Diploma/GED preferred

*40lb lifting requirement within the facility

Schedule: Monday- Friday


1st shift 7am-3pm- Department 3 $16.50/HR

2nd shift 3pm-11pm- Department 3 $18.00/HR

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