Machine Operator

  • Fayetteville, AR
  • industrial

Pay Rate: $15.00/Hr. for 1st Shift
Pay Rate: $15.50/Hr. for 2nd Shift

2-2-3 shift rotating schedule (48 hours one week, 36 hours the next)
30 minute lunch, 15 minute breaks every 2 hours

Facility is not climate controlled, but there are large fans throughout the facility, and employees can have drinks with them on the floor. There are two break rooms which are freshly redone and have vending machines, fridges, microwaves, etc
Physical requirements: Employees must be able to stand for long periods of time and do some lifting.
Receiving Dept – Receives the incoming recycled plastic items.
-Sorters – sort plastic by color, type commodity; isolates different types of plastics
-Car Seat sorters break down car seats to be processed using knives, scissors, screw drivers
Recycling/Wash Line – Plastics go into machines that grind down into “flakes that will be used in the injection molding lines
-Operator – puts plastics into belt which goes through the machine to be washed and shredded to make flakes; flakes are palletized
-Material Handler – works on both the Recycling and the Extrusion line – provides raw materials to line and takes flakes to extrusion line
Extrusion Line – flakes go through the machines
-Operator – must be able to set up machine based on weight at product is being run, previous machine operator experience
Injection Department – injection machines use the extruded flakes to make various plastic products
-Operator – pull parts out of machine, label, and package and palletize
-Material Handler – bring resin to machine and remove finish products
Assembly – will have a building for assembly and a conveyor system put in
Finished product – finished product is reassembled in pallets for Walmart Orders
Quality Control – inspection of product

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