Injection Molding Technician

  • Springdale, AR
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Injection Molding Technician

Springdale, AR

$18-25/HR DOE


Plastic Process Technicians primary job is to set up, monitor and troubleshoot plastic injection-molding machines. This requires specialized knowledge of materials, specific tools, and equipment. Troubleshooting tasks might include dealing with inconsistent material, faulty equipment, human error, and preventing defects from occurring.

Plastic Process Technicians:

  • Ensure injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and connected automated systems are set to regulation parameters, meet quality standards and all production goals.
  • Set up and start up molding machines, read blueprints, and check products with calipers, optical comparators, and other testing methods and devices.
  • Provide feedback on mold design and assist tool and die makers to dial in each mold for optimal cycle time and quality.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot processing problems, perform preventive maintenance tasks, and document process changes.
  • Are able to apply all aspects of scientific molding.
  • Understand the importance of reducing and re-using material scrap to protect our environment and save costs.

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