Ammonia/Refrigeration Maintenance Tech

  • Fayetteville, AR
  • professional

Ammonia/Refrigeration Maintenance Tech

Fayetteville, AR

$47-60K DOE

2nd Shift


The primary function of this position is to monitor, troubleshoot, perform repairs, maintenance and installations of all energy sources, boilers, coolers, steam, water, air compressors systems and apparatus, equipment and machinery according to a set schedule and in emergency and non- emergency situations, observing safety regulations, ensuring all GMP and quality standards are met and safe, to maintain the efficient flow of the production process.


Essentials Functions


    • At the start of the shift check schedule, complete “pass-over ‘with previous shift operator, put on all required Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Gear, and perform a safety check on equipment to be used in the daily operations and insure that all safety devices are functioning properly.
    • Do the walk through of the areas check work orders, prioritize maintenance requests, troubleshoot repairs, prepare a plan and coordinate with co-workers / supervisor a schedule to complete the work in a timely manner.
    • Monitor the energy sources visually via the computer monitoring system and make adjustment updates and corrections as needed.
    • Respond to all call-outs promptly, troubleshoot issues, perform repairs, fire prevention, maintenance of all energy sources, boilers, ammonia systems, chiller, generators, air compressors, equipment and machinery as required.
    • Plan proper operational repair work sequences and minimize production delay to perform preventative maintenance tasks on energy systems and production equipment, coordinate with co-workers / supervisor a schedule to complete the work in a timely manner.
    • Maintain / repair plant systems, evaporators and filtration systems, clean evaporators and condensers as scheduled, change recorder charts and maintain recording equipment.
    • Change gaskets, install filter bags, check heaters, strainers, pressure regulators, bleed lines and perform quality checks.
    • Perform routine preventative maintenance tasks and special projects as assigned.
    • Assist Maintenance Techs (see Maintenance Tech JFA for details) and assist outside trades / specialists-replace, repair, adjust, install and modify production and packaging equipment, mechanical or hydraulic, equipment, tools as required.
    • Read work orders, blueprints, drawings and plans, perform installations, fabrications, weld, cut, grind, other machining tasks and maintain the maintenance log book as required.
    • Inspect work area, perform clean-up using proper tools and equipment and according to approved methods and procedures.
    • Enter downtime data in daily log, complete PM sheets, tracking and store the department inventory, including spare parts as required.
    • Observe all areas of the facility for maintenance criteria, report deficiencies to Supervisor
    • Perform housekeeping duties to maintain clean and safe working environment in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
    • At the end of the shift complete all required paperwork / data entry, secure all equipment and maintain Forklift batteries as needed.


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