Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Instructions for Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits (ACH Credits)

Thanks for your interest in setting up direct deposit. This the most convenient, safe and reliable way to receive your paycheck directly into your bank account. By setting up direct deposit you do not have to worry about paper check that could be delayed in the mail, lost, or stolen. Direct deposit is hassle free!

To set up direct deposit follow these three simple steps:

1. Complete the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits (ACH Credits) Form.

2. Gather supporting documentation such as voided personal check and/or authorization for direct deposit form from your financial institution for each account that you listed. A deposit slip is NOT a valid supporting document for this request form.

3. Sign and submit the digital form below.

Please allow 10 to 15 days for this authorization to go into effect.

NOTE: If you do not have a bank account, and would like to learn about your pay card options, please contact our 1st Employment office closest to you. A complete directory is available to you at www.1stemployment.com.

I hereby authorize 1ST EMPLOYMENT to initiate credit entries into the following account(s) at the depository financial institution(s) named below and to credit the same to such account(s). I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account(s) must comply with the provisions of U.S. law.

Direct Deposit
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